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Our U-Hills area sidewalks need your help!

Together, the U-Hills, U-Hills North, and U-Park communities are hosting a Denver Moves Pedestrian and Trails meeting this THURSDAY, MARCH 21, at 6:30 PM, at the U-HILLS ROSS LIBRARY (4310 E. Amherst Ave., 80222). The purpose of the meeting is to:

-- Learn about the Denver Moves Pedestrian and Trails Plan.


Safe sidewalks and trails are important because they promote:

-- Safety (by reducing hazards that cause injury and fatality)

-- Safer communities (by increasing eyes and ears around the community)

-- Stronger communities (because people recognize and know each other better)

-- Improved health (through movement and exercise)

-- Equity (because people across income levels have better access to safe and dignified transit)

-- Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (by spurring increased use of multimodal transportation options and public transit)

-- Reduced traffic and road congestion (by offering safe and dignified alternatives to single occupancy vehicles)

-- Positive impact to local businesses (businesses thrive more in more walkable communities)

We look forward to hearing from you Thursday, March 21!


City Council Candidate Forum, March 27

Denver elections are coming up May 7, 2019 and Denver INC is hosting a City Council Candidate Forum on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:00 PM at Cook Park Recreation Center (7100 Cherry Creek S Dr., Denver, CO 80224). U-Hills is in Denver City Council District 4. Incumbent Kendra Black and Colleen Zahradnicek are running in Denver's general election for City Council District 4. Please submit your question ideas and top priority issues via email. We will provide your ideas, questions, and comments to Denver INC for consideration before next week’s city council candidate forum.


High Line Canal Cleanup, April 6

We heard you!.. The High Line Canal is one of our neighborhood’s favorite community assets. We are so lucky to live in the city AND live only footsteps away from a nature trail – where there are beautiful towering cottonwood trees, ducks, fox, and a beaver (Yes! There’s truly a beaver living in our U-Hills section of the High Line!).

This Spring we will work with Councilwoman Kendra Black and the High Line Canal Conservancy to organize a volunteer cleanup of our U-Hills section of the High Line Canal. More details to come.


U-Hills Neighborhood Egg Hunt, April 13

Spring is right around the corner and so is our U-Hills annual Egg Hunt! There’ll be treats for the kids and bagels and coffee too! Everyone welcome!

Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Bradley International Elementary School Playgrounds (3051 So. Elm St.)


East Yale Avenue Vision Zero Event Coming Summer 2019

Together with the University Hills North Neighborhood Organization and Councilwoman Kendra Black, we applied for and won grant money to conduct a Vision Zero demonstration event in our U-Hills section of East Yale Avenue. So what’s that mean?!... Glad you asked!...

Vision Zero is a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to eliminate all traffic related fatalities and increase safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for everyone. Learn more about Denver’s Vision Zero program.

So what's all of this mean for our U-Hills neighborhood?... We’ve been awarded Vision Zero grant money and we're working with WalkDenver, Councilwoman Kendra Black, and our neighbors in the U-Hills North community to plan a one-day demonstration event in June 2019. During the demonstration event, there will be temporary changes made along the roadway (such as temporary medians, crosswalks, and curb extensions) to increase safety for vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and bikers alike. The goal is to demonstrate how improved street design can increase safety.

The East Yale Avenue Vision Zero event will be an important and useful segue to a larger East Yale Avenue road, traffic, and safety analysis which will occur later in 2019. Our end goal with all of these programs is work towards design improvements on East Yale Avenue that increase safety.

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