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University Hills Community Meeting
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Santa at Wellshire Inn Planning Meeting
Wednesday, November 13
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
The Bagel Deli (6439 E Hampden Ave)
Meeting Minutes

University Hills Community Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018; 6:30 PM


Location: Bradley International School Library


Emily gave an introduction as new president of University Hills Neighborhood Association – Emily is a native University Hills resident and chose University Hills to come back to to raise her family.


Goals and Visioning for UHNA for 2019 –

    Results of the survey conducted at the Annual Picnic. Approximately 500 responses.

Reasons neighbors chose to live here:

- Access to parks and trails (High Line Canal and Eisenhower Park)

- Location, access to downtown and DTC

- Schools, Bradly Elementary

​- Neighborhood feel, quite, big yards, single family homes

- Safe neighborhood

- Local amenities, specifically grocers

Reasons they neighbors may decide to leave:

- Lack of restaurants & retail, and gathering spots

- Safety

- Overdevelopment

Other things to improve:

- General beautification​​ (opportunity coming up in 2019 regarding SoCo Visioning)

Emily started “Southeast Unified" coalition. Purpose of the coalition is to turn up the volume on issues concerning the Southeast Denver community before the Denver elections in May.


Denver INC's president George Mahl works w/all RNO’s throughout the whole city of Denver. Denver Right Plan closed on input on Oct. 31st…..some people got a 30 day extension. May have an extension to Feb. 20th for more input. 


RNO exist to exchange an upflow of information to Denver City officials.

Trash/Recycle Pickup -

Trash and Recycle Pickup in SW quadrant of the University Hills neighborhood

Denver Public Works in attendance: Mike Lutz – Manager 1 Solid Waste Management, Public Works; Adam Abeyta - Field Superintendent w/Solid Waste Management


Assessed what was going on with trash collection in 2017. Recycling was at the curb, regular trash was collected in the alleys. Looked @ the alleys and wanted to give it a try. There have been some issues. Low hanging branches, broken fences, cable/telephone lines, vegetation, etc. Recycling and composting have newer drivers and there have been some operational issues. It’s been about 9 months since implementation began. It is easier and efficient to collect from alleys.


New homes create an issue of getting trash barrels either to the street for curb side pick up as well as alley pick up. 90% is curbside collection. The general population doesn’t maintain their alley’s the same way they maintain the front of their homes. Most of the phone/power/cable lines should be above 14’ tall. Mike rated the alleys and believes w/some work, time, etc. they believe they can keep collections in the alleys. This is not a done deal. Trash cans can be put on the Avenues (Floyd, Girard, Eastman, etc.). It does NOT have to be right in front of your home. The trucks will collect from the Streets 1st, then will collect from the Avenues at the end. The ones that cannot be changed are the alleys from Bellaire to Ash and Ash to Albion off Eastman. Trucks cannot make the turns, etc. If residents can help in the alleys then perhaps they can keep it automated in the alleys. Albion to Ash around Girard are difficult too.


Neighbor and resident Kim said she has had several people private message her saying that they are willing to help clean up the alleys, etc. Kim suggested that Mike put something together on Denver letterhead to make it more official.


Can Christie access Crime Captains from her list to get the info to them? Need an Alley/Block Captain for Mike to work with block by block to help correct issues in the alleys. As we work through this, get the information to residents to just get the containers to the Avenues. Need to evaluate by January 1st for full resolution.


Highline Canal –


  1. Going through a period of transition

    1. Denver Water cannot run water through the canal any longer

      1. Possible solution is to fill in the canal. This is not an option citizens along the 71 miles of the Canal are in support of. 

    2. Southwest US water issue –

      1. Not enough water available in southwestern United States. Denver Water discontinuing the Canal as a water conveyance system.


  1. Highline Canal Conservancy – Harriet is the founder

    1. Working on how to save the canal

    2. Work w/University Hills neighborhood and residents to clean up the canal in spring 2019

    3. Residents think $$ should be contributed from the City of Denver and from Denver Water (owns the Canal) for the clean-up and maintenance of the Canal

      1. Trash is too much for volunteers to clean by themselves. 

      2. Volunteer cleanup is not safe. Some hazardous materials in the High Line Canal.

      3. Smell gets bad because of trash and stagnant water. 

      4. A regular clean-up schedule needs to be created. There needs to be a service level agreement (SLA) between the High Line Canal Conservancy and City and County of Denver and the owners of the Canal, Denver Water.

      5. The problem is REAL. Residents expressed concern that their concern regarding trash in the Canal is falling on 'deaf ears' - hearing back from councilwoman's office that it's a "perceived" issue.

        1. Timetable needed for Denver Water to commit to clean on a regular basis

        2. The Canal needs more involvement from it's owner, Denver Water

      6. Response time needs to be quicker. Story of a grocery cart being in the Canal for weeks and weeks.

    4. Our University Hills stretch of the Canal is considered the "urban refuge" section. Our U-Hills area has been selected for a pilot to examine storm water drainage into the Canal. 

      1. This should give us more visibility” re Highline Canal and SE Denver

    5. The High Line Canal cleanup in our neighborhood needs to span the entire stretch from Colorado Blvd to I25 tunnel. 

    6. There is also a signage pilot coming​

    7. 2A & 7G Passing at the November 2018 election will be good for the High Line -- $$ will be given to the High Line Canal. Separately, Councilwoman Kendra Black has started the Denver Parks Foundation --will this entity help the High Line?

University Hills Annual Community Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2018 6:30 PM

Location: Bradley International School Auditorium


President Mike Silverstein introduced the current Board Members

  • Review of University Hills Events

    • Neighborhood Watch

    • Egg Hunt

    • Annual Picnic/Summerfest

      • Food Trucks

      • Live Band

      • Sponsors


  • RNO vs HOA

    • University Hills Neighborhood Association is not a HOA (Home Owners Association)

    • University Hills Neighborhood Association is a an Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO)


Emily Holben Walker

  • November 2018 Ballot Initiatives -

    • Mental Health & Addiction (A measure for children and adults)

      • 25% sales tax funded and could raise $45 M p/year

      • There would be a New, Independent Board of:    

        • Community Leaders

        • Denver Health Workers

        • Juvenile Justice System

        • $12 in ER vs $1 in early prevention

      • Mental Health Center of Denver is funded by

        • Grants

        • City

        • State

        • Donations

    • Megan representing Ordinance 302 - Healthy Food for Denver Kids

      • .08% = < .08 on every $100 of sales, but not applicable on fresh foods

      • Would run for 10 years and then would be up for renewal by the voters

      • Anticipated that it will raise $ 11.2M the 1st year

      • Would have a new Commission

        • 8 Commission Members

        • 5 local Government

        • It would be a specific fund

    • Caring 4 Denver - 301

      • Gabriel - Mngr for the Initiative spoke


Kathy Giles Dist. 4 representing Councilwoman Kendra Black

  • Coffee Talks - “Modern Death” - Fri., Oct. 12th 10:30 - 12 @ Eisenhower Rec Center

  • Town Hall Event 202 - Wed., Oct. 24th 6-7 PM @ TJ

    • Mayor Hancock

    • New Director of Transportation

    • Bike Lanes in Southmoor Mtg will be before the Town Hall Meeting from 4:30 - 5:30

    • Neighborhood Watch

      • Good Neighbors Program

      • Most are crimes of opportunity

  • Check out things on Next Door

  • Eisenhower Recreation Center Improvements

  • Parks Foundation to leverage funds to acquire new parkland, especially focussing to get a park in University Hills North neighborhood

  • Parks/Rec Tax Increase is on the November 2018 ballot

  • Yale Station Pedestrian Improvements 

    • 8’ Sidewalks from 1-25 to Dahlia on the South side of Yale Ave

      • Sidewalk construction will begin when Excel and other utility companies are finished burying/undergrounding the utility lines

  • Yale Planner - Kendra is pushing the City for one. This would be from CO Blvd. to Quebec

  • Go Bond - Highline Trail

    • To create a High Line Canal pedestrian/bike tunnel at Yale and South Holly Street. This is funded by the bond but has not been yet designed.


  • Melanie Colletti - Ross University Hills Library

  • Bond - UHILLS is mid list and would receive HVAC and a new elevator

  • Spanish book collection in the children’s library collection


  • CRO Jim Lopez w/District 3 DPD - Updates

    • Property Crimes, Theft from Motor Vehicles and Theft of Motor Vehicles are 40% of the time Crimes of Opportunity

    • There has been a 50% - 60% decrease in crimes since the Garage Door Openers were arrested approximately 3 weeks ago

    • There may be a type of Valet Key in car owners Vehicle Owners Manuals. It is recommended that everyone look at their Vehicle Owners Manual and check. Often, when a car is initially broken into it is to get that valet key so they can come back at another time to steal the car. That key will start a car.

    • 6 cars were taken this way by the Garage Door Openers Group

    • Neighborhood Watch Meeting is Thurs., Nov. 8 @ District 3 from 6 - 7 PM

    • All BB Guns and Air Rifles are illegal in the city of Denver regardless of age

    • The Walk-a-Mile Walk through the neighborhood is up and going. If interested get in touch w/Jim Lopez.

      • He will share safety and decorative tips


Emily Holben Walker - U-Hills Neighborhood Visioning Project

  • It is important to have official neighborhood plans because it can guide future development in our area

  • University Hills and its residents need to create our own plan of what we want in our neighborhood - what we want to preserve and enhance

  • Improvements to our neighborhood school, such as a mural for Bradley’s retaining wall on Dahlia/Cornell

  • No more concrete deserts (like what's currently at U-Hills Plaza and Sprouts/Rite Aid shopping centers). When these areas are redeveloped, it will be important for our community to have an adopted vision and plan that can guide development to benefit our community. New development needs to include:

    • Fountains and gathering spaces (gathering places and walkability promote more cohesive and safer communities)

    • Trees and plants (which beautify and help reduce green house gas effects)

    • Safe sidewalks to promote more walkability and safer more dignified access to the places we need to go and public transit

    • As we develop our University Hills Vision, we can adopt best practices from neighborhoods around the world. Nearby, we can examine how the old Southglenn Mall has become Street of Southglenn

      • A new movie theatre created to look midcentury (U-Hills is a midcentury neighborhood)

      • Ice rink where members of the community can gather

      • Summer concerts where members of the community can gather in the summer

  • Denver Water will no longer let water through the High Line Canal

    • This puts trees, wildlife and other habitats at risk

    • Storm water will run through the canal

  • Rise School on Dahlia/Eastman is selling the undeveloped parcel of land on the corner

    • Talks are multi housing units and affordable housing

    • Explore - if it’s possible for it to become Open Space


Elections were held -

  • Emily Holben Walker was voted in as President

  • Jon Wachter as VP

  • Lisa Zinn as Secretary

  • Laura Mersmann as Treasurer

University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

September 13, 2018; 6:30 PM

Location: U-Hills Starbucks


In attendance: Christie, Emily, Lisa, Jon, Darryl, David Mindock,

David Augustanis


Upcoming Neighborhood General Meeting on October 10 th from 6-8 at

Bradley Auditorium

  • Present the results from the Annual Picnic

  • Survey

  • Crime and Safety - Jim Lopez will be there

  • Liz Palmquist

    • New Coliseum

    • Update on Yale Construction

  • Elections at the end



  • Emily - President

    • Emily wants to focus more strategic endeavors

    • Crime &amp; Safety Committee

    • Creating a UHills Vision and Master Plan that will direct future development. Dave M. w/work w/Emily on this

    • Neighborhood Events

    • More community involvement

  • Jon - Vice President

    • Get more residents involved

  • Dave Mindock - Non-profit Liason

  • Lisa - Secretary

  • Communications Liason - Lisa will reach out to Communications Teacher @ TJ to see if there is a student or 2 for community service hours to help with this

  • David Augustanus - INC Liason (Inter-neighborhood Cooperation)

    • David has the connections to get UHNA back in the cooperation (re Zoning, Parks, Transportation, Sustainability)

  • Christie - Crime and Safety Chair

    • Certain crime is on the increase in the area, such as shop lifting and crimes of opportunity/petty theft

    • Street racing continues to be a problem

  • Darryl wants to work on getting more improvements, eateries, restaurants, etc. Will stay on as VP through the end of the year and will move into the role of “Business Development”


Happy Canyon Update

  • Tony’s Meats

  • Liquor Store

  • What restaurants?


Magna Carta Park / High Line Canal Trail Tunnels

  • 2 Tunnels going in to keep the continuous connection of the High Line Canal Trail. One going under CO Blvd. and the other under Hampden.


CAB Meeting - 9/12/18

  • Walk a Mile in Your Shoes - If you are interested in participating in the program call (Sgt. Curtis)

  • UHILLS was well represented at the meeting


Land for Sale in the Neighborhood

  • Rise Preschool is looking to sell the parcel of land to the west of the church/school along Eastman/Dahlia

  • Certain options are being considered, such as affordable housing or an eldercare business, zoning would need to be changed (currently zoned for church and single family)

  • Emily would like it to be Public Open Space / Park

    • Dave M. and Emily will work together on this

    • INC involvement


Upcoming Santa @ Wellshire Event

  • Timbuk Toys as possible sponsor

  • Lisa w/talk w/parents that are managers and see what they can do

  • Darryl w/also reach out regarding additional sponsorship

  • Lisa w/reach out to Mike re current arrangements and Lisa w/follow up w/Todd @ Wellshire

  • Socks and Underwear Drive to benefit Bradley students. Lisa w/check @ Bradley for specifics on sizes.

University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

May 17, 2018; 6:30 PM


In attendance: Lisa, Christie, David M., Mike, Amanda, Daryl, Jon.

University Hills Plaza has hired a production company to host the festival and the Farmer’s Market that is coming up this summer.


EGG HUNT:  Perhaps do coffee and bagels next time and a couple of food trucks so neighbors can stay a little longer and mingle more. Daryl has 3-4 sponsors @ $400-$500 per sponsor. All positive feedback from the Egg Hunt. From the sponsors as well as the dentist from Modern Dentistry.

ASSOCIATION FUNDS: Current balance is $2387. To create a type of scholarship/gift for a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School? (More below.)



  • Food Trucks? – Daryl will work on getting info about possibilities

  • Snow Lab as a vendor? - Amanda

  • Doing it at Bradley? - Lisa, Yes

  • Rise School? - Won't work

  • Possible Dates – #2 Choice - Saturday, August 25th @ 4pm – Cost for custodial for bathrooms, 5-8

  • # 1 Choice - Friday, August 24th @ 5pm  – No cost for custodial since they are there til 9 PM? Can we drop the gates so only bathrooms by the lunchroom only? Power?

  • # 3 Choice - Saturday, August 4th  @ 5pm


*** Jon and Lisa met w/Steve (principal @ Bradley). He preferred the picnic be BEFORE school is back in session since we want people to be able to BYOB. Therefore we decided on:


  • Final Date Chosen – Saturday, August 4th – 5 – 8 PM

  • Can we do alcohol? Yes, but NO glass allowed! Can it be sponsored? IDK - Jon?!?

  • Can people BYOB? Yes, see above. Steve would like us to get an off-duty DP Officer just to have on hand and be safe. Lisa reached out to a former parent to see if he can/would be interested in doing this. (Lisa also invited him to invite/include his family.) He is checking w/ the department on the rules (but doesn’t think it would be a problem) and will be back in touch w/me ASAP.

  • Food trucks on site? No, only on Plum

  • Trash? Can use Bradley barrels and dumpster.

  • Outhouses? No, building will be open for restrooms to be available.


Sponsors – $500 each

  • ACE

  • Modern Dentistry

  • Cody Dental?

  • STEM School

  • Rise School

  • YMCA

Entertainment - 

  • Live Music! Jon’s Band

  • Bring a game

  • Corn Hole

  • Softball Game

  • Firetruck – Squirting kids? – David Mindock

  • Police?

  • Mr. Paul – Balloon Guy/Clown – Christie

  • Suzy-Q-Z – Balloons/Clown – Lisa

  • Street Closure for Trucks – Mike

  • Bring blanket, own beverages, games, etc.


People w/report out there findings (Snow Lab, clown, etc.) as they gather information, so decision/voting can take place.



  • Possible Scholarship or  lap top for a TJ graduate? Depends on how much $$ we have available will determine how many recipients. Work with Office Depot to do a possible 50% - 50% ?



  • Sidewalks on Yale 8’ sidewalks

  • Greenbelt with trees? Landscaping

  • Sidewalks need to be ADA accessible and properly aligned

  • UHNA is in support of these changes

  • Emily has been in contact w/Councilwoman Kendra Black, the construction company (Flatiron), and Denver Public Works     



  • Changes in rules and regs

  • Updates from Kendra

  • Empty store front where Slotted Spoon was

  • Empty Wok front

  • Possible Esters #2

  • The parking lot, traffic, trash, etc. @ Sprouts

  • Community feedback



  • Traffic Recorder for traffic patterns

  • Racing – Multi jurisdictional issue. Helicopter. No more than 3 calls on any

 one night.

  • Crime is down….block communicators are involved and making calls.


University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

March 5, 2018


In attendance: Lisa, Mike, David M, Christie, Emily, Daryl, Dave F., Laura, Barb from UHILLS Modern Dentistry,


  • Egg Hunt @ Bradley on 3 different playground on Saturday, March 24 @ 10 AM

    • Volunteers needs to place eggs by 9 AM

    • Sponsors include Bradley, Iliff Preschool, UHILLS Modern Dentistry ($250), Eisenhower Rec Center

    • The ECE Playground will be for the toddlers

    • The Primary & Intermediate Playground for ages 4+

      • Stagger the start times 10 AM for Toddlers

      • East Bunny in between

      • 5+ at 10:20 or 10:30

    • Jon Wachter was nominated to be the Easter Bunny. Dave F. will be the backup bunny and Daryl the back up to the back up.

    • We currently have approximately 600 eggs currently. Last year we gave out over 2000 eggs.

      • Emily will order eggs, candy, stickers, etc.

      • Egg stuffing on Tuesday, March 20th @ 7 PM @ Mike’s house

  • Wine Tasting @ Keg  on Wednesday, April 18th 7 – 8:30 PM

  • Memberships

    • Approximately 5-6 families have paid in 2018

    • No more memberships – “Donations”

      • Annual Donations to help support UHNA

    • Corporate Sponsors for each event

      • $100 to be on the UHNA site

      • $250 to be an event sponsor (4 major events)

    • Survey Monkey Link to export into an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Rework the Mission and Vision Statement

    • Have it written that we are NOT an HOA, but we are an RNO

    • Truly become a community entity

      • Misc. community places (Bradley, Rise, TJ, etc.) can apply to UHNA for misc funds IF we re able to solidify funding from various businesses to support such endeavors

  • Website Update Info

    • Try to get everything on to one platform either Wix, or WordPress

    • Mobile experience has been fixed

    • Monthly short newsletter

      • Focus on Kendra’s newsletter

      • City news and updates

      • Neighborhood important events, etc.

        • Farmer’s Market opening in UHILLS Plaza


University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
March 2017


In attendance were David M., Lisa, Michael, Amanda, Laura


  • Egg Hunt – April 8th 10 - 11 AM @ Eisenhower Park

    • 1400 Eggs

    • Spent about $230 on eggs and candy

    • $8 for 100 ft. of pendant banner to rope off the toddler area

    • Board meet at the park no later than 8 AM to help place eggs around the park and playground

    • Amanda still has the signs from last year designating the age specific areas

    • Amanda has canvas banners and will bring a few with her

    • Amanda has a wagon and she will bring the eggs to the park that way

    • Mike will bring a folding table and chair for the membership table


  • Membership

    • Laura has the credit card square

    • Lisa will work the membership table – anyone else?!?

    • Andy will walk around to get donations


  • Board Members

    • Wear the UHNA picnic T-shirts


  • Mike will change at Amanda’s and come across the bridge as the Bunny


  • Mike will do 2 posts on Next Door…this week-end and following Thursday

    • Library

    • Starbucks

    • And Amanda will post at the Rec Center


  • Lisa will get fliers copied tomorrow (3/22) AM and Amanda will help cut and count out for classrooms tomorrow


  • Lisa – Board Members need to get a photo and new/updated biographies to Andy ASAP to be put on the UHNA website in order to help w/recognition at events.


  • Laura – Sumac for the membership stuff. Discuss further in April after the Egg Event.

    • Board agreed that Laura should go ahead and purchase the necessary software.



University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

January 2017


In attendance: Andy, David M. , Lisa, Michael, Dave Forsberg, Daryll, Amanda, Laura



  • Andy will try working on the UHNA website now that he is a bit familiar w/website building.

    • New members will write up a short bio to be posted on the website

    • Old members information should be updated

    • Calendar of Events should be posted right on the front page

    • Mike and Andy will get together to work on content

  • Facebook – Andy w/give Lisa information and access to the UHNA Acct & she w/maintain and update FB

  • Update the website and the FB account.

    • Andy w/train a couple of people about how to use Word Press.

  • Lisa w/talk w/principal @ Bradley to see about possibility of printing fliers for the neighborhood. Board w/walk neighborhood and introduce themselves to residents.

  • U-Hills is in the top 10 Denver neighborhoods according to 5280 Magazine

  • What is our brand?

    • Corporate Sponsorship

    • UHNA is a 501 (c)4

    • Maintain the Mission Statement

    • Do we want/have a slogan?

      • History w/rejuvenation?

  • Laura thinks we need more smaller events throughout the year

  • Timbuk Toys to hold an event for the neighborhood

    • Fundraiser for UHNA

  • In early March the calendar for Denver Days will be made public

    • Pick our picnic date

  • Get the 4 major event dates listed on the calendar or Upcoming Events on webpage

  • Contact Jon Wachter about sending out postcards to UHILLS residents

  • Dave will contact Kendra’s office about music in the field @ Bradley

  • Mike w/reach out to a computer teacher @ TJ if there is a student that can keep up the website and/or FB

  • After the website is up and running, then invite people in. Coloring/drawing contests, volunteer service, etc. Show off a resident a month!

  • 328 names on the email list

  • <50 families are paid members

  • Bi-Weekly email blast once we get the website updated

  • Image folder on the website…encourage neighbors to send in pics

    • Images of U-HILLS

  • Bank of the West is where our Checking Account is $2338.23 balance

    • Dave and Amanda have authorization on the account

    • How do we track membership?

      • Excel Spreadsheet

    • Currently $20 family

    • Currently $50 Corporate

  • Laura is interested in getting software to monitor membership

    • Amanda proposes $35 - $50 for tracking membership

    • List family and corporate memberships on the website as well

  • Lisa made a motion to increase family memberships to $25

    • Motion passed

Archived Meeting Minutes
University Hills Community  

Go to the University Hills Neighborhood Association's Archived Meeting Minutes page to find records of past meetings.