University Hills Neighborhood Association is Your RNO

What is a Registered Neighborhood Organization?


Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO) are voluntary groups of individual residents and owners of real property, including businesses, within a certain prescribed area of the city, and/or a coalition of such groups formed for the purpose of collectively addressing issues and interests common to and widely perceived throughout the area. RNOs are officially recognized by the City and County of Denver and they exist in order to increase citizen access to various agencies and departments of the city.


The goal of RNOs is to improve the flow of information between local communities and agencies of the city. RNOs help to enable community members to present their positions before certain decisions affecting their neighborhoods are made by agencies and departments of the city. The city has committed to notifying RNOs in advance of occasions when decisions are to be reached on certain matters affecting neighborhoods. And, the city has committed to affording representatives of RNOs the opportunity to present the positions of its members at such times. 

What are the boundaries of the University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA)?

The City of Denver recognizes both statistical neighborhoods and the RNOs that represent those communities. Sometimes RNO boundaries are the same as recognized statistical neighborhood boundaries. Other times, RNO boundaries are different than statistical neighborhood boundaries. 

The University Hills neighborhood has two representing RNOs:

Your Voice Matters

In order to better shape the future of our neighborhood, it is important that each of us take an active role in our community. Whenever issues are important to you, we encourage you to reach out to the corresponding entity and/or public official.

Because the University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) exists to help our community members, we have compiled a list of resources and contact information below.

  • General City and County of Denver

    • ​Report general issues and concerns by calling 311 and/or filing a report online via the Denver Pocket Gov Tool.



Lets Work Together

Whenever issues are collectively considered a priority for University Hills community members, UHNA can work with community members to work towards a solution and help ensure our collective message is appropriately heard. (Recent letters sent by UHNA board members on behalf of our community.) Please always feel welcome to contact your University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) at