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About the University Hills Neighborhood Association

The University Hills Neighborhood Association


The University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) is a volunteer citizen organization that exists to protect, preserve, and enhance quality of life for everyone in the University Hills community.

  • We are citizen volunteers working to make University Hills a connected, safe, and fun Denver community!

  • We are a non-profit organization. UHNA receives no Federal, State, or Local funds----we are100% funded by member donations and business sponsors.

  • We are a registered neighborhood organization (RNO), not a home owner's association (HOA). 

  • We are not a community enforcement agency. UHNA cannot enforce any City of Denver code or regulation. If you have concerns, please contact the appropriate Denver government agency by calling 311 (720-913-1311) or use Denver PocketGov App.

  • UHNA Bylaws and Board of Directors.

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What is an RNO?


Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO) are voluntary groups of individual residents (including renters), owners of real property, and businesses, within a certain prescribed area of the City and County of Denver. RNOs exist to 1.) increase citizen access to various agencies and departments of the City and 2.) to collectively address issues and interests of the community.


The goal of RNOs is to improve the flow of information between local communities and agencies of the City. RNOs help to enable community members to present their positions before certain decisions are made by agencies of the City. The City and County of Denver has committed to notifying RNOs in advance of occasions when decisions are to be reached on certain matters. And, the City has committed to affording representatives of RNOs the opportunity to present the positions of its members at such times. 

What are the boundaries of the University Hills Neighborhood Association?

The City of Denver recognizes both statistical neighborhoods and the RNOs that represent those communities. Sometimes RNO boundaries are the same as recognized statistical neighborhood boundaries. Other times, RNO boundaries are different than statistical neighborhood boundaries. 

The University Hills neighborhood has two representing RNOs:
UHills Map of UHNA vs UHNC.png
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