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UHNA Board Meeting: Jan 10 2022

January 10, 2022

In attendance: Emily, Hugh, Lisa, Donna, and Laura.

Bylaws/Guiding Documents:

  • Everyone take a look at current Bylaws and mark them up

    • Corrections, changes, etc.

    • Have it go onto a Google Doc so everyone can edit from there and share it

    • Have new draft completed by April

    • Take a look at close-by RNO bylaws, including Wellshire East RNO documents @

  • Current Rhythm of UHNA Meetings

    • Odd Month = Board Meetings - 2nd Monday of every month

    • Even Months = Community Meetings - 3rd Monday?

  • Who can attend Board Meetings?

    • Just Board Members? Open to whole community? (Records will always be provided to public.)

      • Post minutes on UHNA website as always

    • Community Members

      • Discuss upcoming (next) Board Meeting to get feedback from the community to help drive the next Board Meeting

    • Add the specifics of what all meetings look like into the bylaws -

      • Officers - explicit

      • Voting - who gets to vote

        • What constitutes a Forum?

Community Engagement/Communication:

  • Donna’s pieces fold into the “Engagement” part.

  • A way to communicate with residents

  • Egg Hunt this year?

  • Adding a Google Calendar to the UHNA Website for community to view

    • Lisa will try to create this

  • Signs?

    • Emily w/take pics of Southern Hills Signs and send out

ADU Application at 3200 S Holly Street, 80222:

  • The close-by impacted neighbors to 3200 S Holly St are asking for UHNA to take a stand. Hugh’s thoughts were that the nearby neighbors that would be impacted should be present at a meeting

  • UHNA should discuss options and the level of interaction UHNA would have

  • Most neighbors are uncomfortable in whole or in part of this application request, however there is one family that is support

Highline Canal Clean Up: Jon is heading this up this year

Meeting Schedule:

Board Meetings: It was decided it’ll be necessary for the UHNA board to meet once per month, not only odd months, as before. Board meetings will take place on the second Monday of the month. Except in February and November… The February board meeting will take place on the first Monday (Feb 7). The November board meeting will take place on the first Monday (Nov 7). All records of board meetings are always posted publicly.

Community Meetings: Community Meetings will occur in even months (February, April, June, etc) on the third Monday of the month. Information to be distributed via email list, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

Next Board Meeting is scheduled for February 7, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Adjourned at 8:30 pm

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