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UHNA Board Meeting March 9, 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

In attendance: Donna, Linda, Kathy, David, Silvia, *Gabby


Approval of minutes from February meeting


Linda – tracking the money that needs to be reimbursed once our checking account opens.

Do we have any other expenses that need to be covered? $25 for the school?

Waiting to get the letter from the IRS. Letter has been initiated, expect to arrive in 10 to 15 days. Address will be change once we get the letter. We will have multiple copies of the letter.

A w9 will be filled out.


We need to get our fundraising game going: Egg hunt, Food trucks, Movie night.

Graham - Dir. of Marketing @ Chick-Fil-A & sponsorship

*See forms attached to Donna's 3/9/23 email.

How about a plan for who we will contact for each event?

Egg Hunt (at Bradley, April 8th):

The Green Bus is confirmed for the Egg Hunt.

The Oriental Trading Company order is in Donna's garage – will be moved until the egg stuffing meeting Monday (03-20-23), 5:30 pm. Lisa’s house

Sponsorship its ok (from Chick-Fil-A), as long as it is not the only sponsor.

Amy will be a sponsor (egg Hunt).

Donna will also take responsibility to talk to Graham for sponsorship

*eggstravaganza sponsored by Eisenhower on April 1st.


I submitted a request for traffic calming measures at Dahlia and the Highline trail. Submitted by Donna, requesting a: (I) non-school safety zone, (II) flashing yield sign.

Reach out to Kendra B. regarding the intersection

Kendra will like a letter of support (LOS) to put the Wellshire bldg. in the National Registry.

Community Garden Update? Possible partnership with Bradley garden

Joining Denver INC?

Denver (Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation) INC is a collection of RNOs working together. Donna will reach out and give them David’s contact.

We will like to know how much time is needed to be active and what are the benefits of joining?

Summer Events:

I have a band for movie night and one musician for food truck night (Donna). More to come. Do we have dates for food truck nights and movie night yet?


-Food truck (6-8) (will have live music for all the dates). Musicians will play for 1hour (6-7) Dates:


Jun 16th

June 30th

July 14th

July 28th


Need to figure to coordinate activities at the rec center and the food trucks. Plan will be to have rec center music after the musicians. Gabby is thinking about provide possibly a rock climbing wall in the park, crafts, face painting, pickle ball demo and swimming demo.

Gaby’s recommendation: to send her flyers ahead of time with the information for food trucks.

Gaby will communicate with Lisa Zinn, laura Mersmann

Movie night:

- (held at Bradley)Aug. 25th

Future Board meeting dates

Egg stuffing meeting Monday (03-20-23), 5:30 pm. Lisa’s house

April 20th Board meeting UHNA

May 18th

June 8th

July 13th

Aug 17th

Lisa will suggest another food truck for David to reach out.

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