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UHNA Board Meeting

January 11, 2021

In attendance: Emily, Christie, Lisa, Dave M.,

Safety -

  • Cross Burning in Neighborhood Yard (on Glencoe) the Monday before Thanksgiving. Suggested too that the incident be reported to the ADL as well as they are tracking incidences of Hate Crimes.

  • Drive by shooting (retaliatory) on Cornell near Glencoe with 13 shots fired into the house. That does not count shots into cars. Incident occurred at midnight but was called in at 5 PM the following day. The community got involved.

  • There is new gang graffiti in the neighborhood. Lots of tagging at the underpass on Yale.

  • Tent guy sleeping near the Southbound ramp from Yale to I-25. He often has several bikes around him. A small homeless camp behind the VFW along I-25.

  • Christie et al fliered 350 houses about neighborhood safety

    • Close garage doors

    • Keep windows and doors locked

    • Keep porch lights on

    • Know your neighbors

  • Getting more neighbors involved in neighborhood watch

    • BLM

    • Me Too

    • Creating a specific neighborhood sign

Events - Possible Calendar of Events, create a ½ sheet flier to distribute to neighborhood

  • Clean up Event?

  • Easter Egg Hunt?

    • Distanced?

    • TBD?

  • SummerFest?

    • TBD

  • Community Scavenger Hunt - (Maybe in the Spring? Perhaps in lieu of the Egg Hunt?)

    • Donations from neighborhood businesses

    • Along the canal and through the neighborhood

  • Game Night for Seniors

    • Zoom

  • Themed Events for Kids

    • Valentine’s Day

  • Parents Night?

  • Singles Night?

  • Hiking Info

    • Trivia

      • Gift Card Giveaway?

  • Food Truck Pop Ups @ Eisenhower (again)

Zone Requests - UHNA does not make the decisions. Important for community input.

  • Lots of recent requests for change of setback

  • Homes having work without permits

Junction - Food Court @ Dave & Busters on CO Blvd. @ I-25

  • Possible Fund Raising Night for the neighborhood there?

    • Ramen & Sushi

    • Middle Eastern Food

    • Pizza

    • Burgers

    • BBQ

    • Empanadas

    • Chicken

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