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Board Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2018; 6:30 PM

Location: U-Hills Starbucks

In attendance: Christie, Emily, Lisa, Jon, Darryl, David Mindock,

David Augustinis

Upcoming Neighborhood General Meeting on October 10 th from 6-8 at

Bradley Auditorium

Present the results from the Annual Picnic


Crime and Safety - Jim Lopez will be there

Liz Palmquist

New Coliseum

Update on Yale Construction

Elections at the end


Emily - President

Emily wants to focus more strategic endeavors

Crime & Safety Committee

Creating a UHills Vision and Master Plan that will direct future development. Dave M. w/work w/Emily on this

Neighborhood Events

More community involvement

Jon - Vice President

Get more residents involved

Dave Mindock - Non-profit Liason

Lisa - Secretary

Communications Liason - Lisa will reach out to Communications Teacher @ TJ to see if there is a student or 2 for community service hours to help with this

David Augustanus - INC Liason (Inter-neighborhood Cooperation)

David has the connections to get UHNA back in the cooperation (re Zoning, Parks, Transportation, Sustainability)

Christie - Crime and Safety Chair

Certain crime is on the increase in the area, such as shop lifting and crimes of opportunity/petty theft

Street racing continues to be a problem

Darryl wants to work on getting more improvements, eateries, restaurants, etc. Will stay on as VP through the end of the year and will move into the role of “Business Development”

Happy Canyon Update

Tony’s Meats

Liquor Store

What restaurants?

Magna Carta Park / High Line Canal Trail Tunnels

2 Tunnels going in to keep the continuous connection of the High Line Canal Trail. One going under CO Blvd. and the other under Hampden.

CAB Meeting - 9/12/18

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes - If you are interested in participating in the program call (Sgt. Curtis)

UHILLS was well represented at the meeting

Land for Sale in the Neighborhood

Rise Preschool is looking to sell the parcel of land to the west of the church/school along Eastman/Dahlia

Certain options are being considered, such as affordable housing or an eldercare business, zoning would need to be changed (currently zoned for church and single family)

Emily would like it to be Public Open Space / Park

Dave M. and Emily will work together on this

INC involvement

Upcoming Santa @ Wellshire Event

Timbuk Toys as possible sponsor

Lisa w/talk w/parents that are managers and see what they can do

Darryl w/also reach out regarding additional sponsorship

Lisa w/reach out to Mike re current arrangements and Lisa w/follow up w/Todd @ Wellshire

Socks and Underwear Drive to benefit Bradley students. Lisa w/check @ Bradley for specifics on sizes.

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