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Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Andy, David M. , Lisa, Michael, Dave Forsberg, Daryll, Amanda, Laura

Andy will try working on the UHNA website now that he is a bit familiar w/website building.

New members will write up a short bio to be posted on the website

Old members information should be updated

Calendar of Events should be posted right on the front page

Mike and Andy will get together to work on content

Facebook – Andy w/give Lisa information and access to the UHNA Acct & she w/maintain and update FB

Update the website and the FB account.

Andy w/train a couple of people about how to use Word Press.

Lisa w/talk w/principal @ Bradley to see about possibility of printing fliers for the neighborhood. Board w/walk neighborhood and introduce themselves to residents.

U-Hills is in the top 10 Denver neighborhoods according to 5280 Magazine

What is our brand?

Corporate Sponsorship

UHNA is a 501 (c)4

Maintain the Mission Statement

Do we want/have a slogan?

History w/rejuvenation?

Laura thinks we need more smaller events throughout the year

Timbuk Toys to hold an event for the neighborhood

Fundraiser for UHNA

In early March the calendar for Denver Days will be made public

Pick our picnic date

Get the 4 major event dates listed on the calendar or Upcoming Events on webpage

Contact Jon Wachter about sending out postcards to UHILLS residents

Dave will contact Kendra’s office about music in the field @ Bradley

Mike w/reach out to a computer teacher @ TJ if there is a student that can keep up the website and/or FB

After the website is up and running, then invite people in. Coloring/drawing contests, volunteer service, etc. Show off a resident a month!

328 names on the email list

<50 families are paid members

Bi-Weekly email blast once we get the website updated

Image folder on the website…encourage neighbors to send in pics

Images of U-HILLS

Bank of the West is where our Checking Account is $2338.23 balance

Dave and Amanda have authorization on the account

How do we track membership?

Excel Spreadsheet

Currently $20 family

Currently $50 Corporate

Laura is interested in getting software to monitor membership

Amanda proposes $35 - $50 for tracking membership

List family and corporate memberships on the website as well

Lisa made a motion to increase family memberships to $25

Motion passed

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