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University Hills Community Meeting |October 19, 2023

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Eisenhower Park Rec Center (4300 E Dartmouth Ave, Denver, CO 80222)

In attendance: District 4 City Councilwoman Diana Romero Campell. Josh Posner, City of Denver, Director of Strategic Initiatives. UHNA Board Members: Donna, Amy, Linda, David, Emily. 53 community members in attendance.

Called to order at 6:30 PM (Donna Wickham)

Councilwoman Diana Romero Campbell Q&A:

  • HAPPENINGS AROUND TOWN & IN DISTRICT 4: Diana discussed the success of the South by Southeast event. There's a new Dia de Los Muertos event coming up at Joe Shoemaker School. Make sure to sign-up for the District 4 newsletter/The Scoop to find a list of area events.

  • GRAFFITI: Community member brought up concerns about the increase in graffiti. Diana recommended reporting via 311 or (

  • INTERSECTION OF HIGH LINE CANAL TRAIL & SOUTH DAHLIA: Multiple community members brought up safety concerns about the High Line Canal trail / South Dahlia intersection. Diana responded that this is a safety concern Kendra Black communicated to her at the beginning of taking office. Diana agrees something else needs to be done to make this intersection safer.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY: Community member asked what's being done to increase safety around town. City Council and the Mayor are ironing out the budget to address funding departments and solutions programs.

  • HOMELESSNESS & PANHANDLING: Multiple community members voiced concern over the increase in people experiencing homelessness; concerns for the unhoused, concerns for neighbors and overall public safety.

  • HIGH LINE CANAL TRAIL SAFETY: Multiple members of the community expressed concern over increased homeless encampments on the High Line Canal (along the trail, near the I25 intersection, and on the banks/within the canal itself).

  • EISENHOWER PARK PICKLEBALL COURTS: A number of attendees that do NOT live in the U-Hills neighborhood came to voice concerns that the pickleball courts are currently scheduled to close. Pickleball courts are problematic around the nation because of the nuisance noise it causes neighbors and other users of public space. Other pickleball courts have already closed in Denver because of concerns.

    • Supporters of the pickleball courts: 1.) want to courts to stay open, 2.) want a voice in the relocation/timeline of any new proposed locations, 3.) have formed a pickleball committee.

    • Opponents say: 1.) the sport causes disturbance to the public (sound decimal exceeds city ordinance limit), 2.) courts were installed without community input, 3.) avid pickleball players are unkind and unwelcoming to less experienced people who want to participate and take away from the sense of community ini the neighborhood.

    • There is a public meeting scheduled for more discussion next Friday, Oct 27 at the Eisenhower Park Pickleball courts at 9 am.

Josh Posner, City of Denver, Director of Strategic Initiatives Josh attended to answer questions/share more information about the possibility of the creation of a micro-community site being created for people experiencing homelessness at 5500 East Yale Ave.

  • MANY COMMUNITY MEMBERS EXPRESSED DEEP CONCERN WITH THE LOCATION IDENTIFIED: 1.) proximity to schools, 2.) proximity to homes/residential, 3.) unsafe traffic situations and accidents at intersection of Yale and I25, 4.) proximity to Arapahoe County, 5.) placing high concentration of at-risk people in a community that does not have a voice (there’s no representing RNO for the area), 6.) site is in a community that does not have affluence (no proposed micro-community sites are in/near Denver’s affluent neighborhoods).

  • MANY COMMUNITY MEMBERS EXPRESSED CONCERN OF DETRIMENTAL NEGATIVE IMPACT TO THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD, FAMILIES, AND SCHOOLS due to: 1.) increased drug use, 2.) high concentration of at-risk populations, 3.) little to no oversite/law enforcement, 4.) lack of safety mitigation plans, 5.) lack of long-term plans, 6.) lack of detail around plans.

  • OTHER SOLUTIONS WERE PRESENTED BY COMMUNITY MEMBERS such as: 1.) disallowing panhandling within certain proximity of micro-community sites, 2.) considering alternative sites that are in commercial areas (not residential areas), 3.) ensuring residents of micro-community sites have wrap-around services, such as mental health, addiction, general health services, etc.


Other agenda items were tabled for next meeting. Eisenhower Rec Center closes at 8 pm.

Adjourned at 7:54 pm.

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