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UHNA Community Meeting | December 4, 2023


University Hills Annual Community Meeting

Denver, Colorado, 80222

  I. Call to Order @ 6:38

  • In attendance: Donna, Lisa, Linda, Emily, David, Kathy, Ginny Taylor, Amy Randolph, Rhondam, D. Clarke, Kristin Monroe, Kristin Arkin-Leydig, Michael Marsico, Stacy Schafer, Shannon Burke

  II. Approval of the minutes from Nov. 1 Meeting

  • David made a motion to approve the minutes and Emily made a 2nd

  III. Introduction of sitting board

  1. Welcome neighbors and board nominees

  • Read bios of our nominees

  1. Explanation of agenda and process of elections

     1. We are not electing specific officers

  • Everyone agreed that this is how the Association is going to move forward

                2. The board will organize on Jan 11 and agree on individual roles and committees

  1. Introduction of nominees

  2. Vote – Please type “Yes” or “No” along with your name and address in the chat field

  • Congratulations and Welcome New Members

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Linda Dailey

  • Column L are expenses from the Santa Event @ Wellshire

  • Wellshire still needs to be paid

  • Dahlia Dental Group is a $500 sponsor for this event

  • There was a $47 Paypal donation

  • There was a $36 donation as well at the Wellshire

  • Linda paid USPS for our PO Box @ Buchtel Branch

  1. Assignment for January

    A. What are you really good at?

    B. What are you really bad at?

    C. What is the best thing about living in University Hills?

    D. What is the worst thing about living in University Hills?

    E. What is your vision of a really great neighborhood?

    F. Would you like to serve as an officer in 2024? 

  1. Donna spoke about the dates chosen for meeting dates for 2024

  • There will be quarterly Community Meetings which will be determined at the January 11th meeting at Donna’s home @ 6:30

  • Meetings will be 6:30 - 8 pm

  1. Adjournment @ 7:22 pm

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