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UHNA Board Meeting | May 9, 2024

Called to Order @ 6:30 PM MT

In attendance: Donna Wickham, Linda Daily, David Mindock, and Kristin. And special guest, Valerie Lunka, Development Director, Clothes to Kids.

Approval of April Minutes.

Special guest: Valerie Lunka, Development Director, Clothes to Kids

  • Proposed partnership and mutual support with Clothes for Kids

  • They provided 21-piece wardrobe (5 tops, 4 bottoms, underwear, socks, coat, and shoes) to >15k families. Preschool (4T)  to age 21 only new required items are socks and underwear. Lightly worn clothes that you would give to a friend. Shoes (12 kids shoe through adults). They do take backpacks, books, and coats as extras.  Featured items: boys pants/clothing and shoes are a huge need.  Valerie will host a table at the food-truck nights. She will follow up with targeted copy for the summer food truck nights and movie night.

  • Donna Action Item: Donna will work with Val to include the Clothes to Kids donation requirements on the Foodtruck night flyers. Val will also advertise the foodtruck nights on their socials.

President's Report

$600 cost to receive the official non-profit status letter that Paypal needs.

  • There is an IRS letter that we need for PayPal. It is a $600 letter for a 501c4. 

  • The letter is a IRS 1024 “Affirmation and Determination Letter“. We need to get an official 501c4 status, which costs $600. They can then get an affirmation and determination letter. Without this determination, we are charged fees for the donation. We also would not be able to get the Venmo non-profit status. 

  • Treasury  Action Item: We still need to get the donation information for the first half of 2023. Donna to follow-up with Laura and Linda. 

  • Donna Call PalPal to see if a tax form will work. Done!

Music schedule for the food trucks and movie night is almost complete.

  • Donna also has sound set up. Music still pending for June 21. Michael and Donna will be a back up

We have insurance for all food truck nights.

  • Donna Action Item: Donna has not yet set the porta potty and insurance for the movie night. 

Kathy is booked with the Library to give a talk on the architectural history of the neighborhood and the Ross University Hills Library on July 31st at 4 PM.

  • Full Board Action Item: Attend Kathy's architectural history talk at the University Hills Library on July 31st at 4 PM if you are free

CALC grant – See end of minutes for details

  • Full Board Action Item: Review CALC grant (2024 Community Active Living Coalition (CALC) Micro-Grants)

Treasurer Report

  • We have $1799 in the checking account

  • Linda has filed for a tax extension and the deadline is September 15th

  • Donna call IRS

Communications (Moved to adhoc meeting)

What is our procedure for sharing meeting minutes on our website? Once meeting minutes are approved, they are posted on the UHNA News webpage: Newsletters and special announcements are also posted here.

Membership and Welcome (Moved to adhoc meeting)

Update on the welcome packets?

Ideas on increasing our visibility and impact on the neighborhood?

Outreach to communities like the Residences at University Hills, First Universalist Church?

Fundraising (Moved to adhoc meeting)

Ginny's report on her fundraising efforts

  • Ginny went to Clothes to Kids to get Donna in touch with Val. They are also a nonprofit. They are responsive and are open to mutual aide. 

  • Ginny also went to Sweet Green and Hey Day. They are interested in hearing from us. They did it is as in introduction to Donna. They were very excited to meet Donna, but Donna has not heard back from Hey Day. SweetGreen can’t do anything until they hear back from the corporate office. 

The manager of Sweetgreen has to ask corporate first. The manager of heyday has not responded yet.

Local businesses we might consider: The Better Mattress, India Oven, Momenta Fit, University Hills Eye Center, Pot Luck, Batteries Plus, Fitness Gallery, ABC Custom Framing, Tai Tai Cuisine, 

Rockler Woodworking, Ace Hardware (Maybe someone new can chat with them), The Rise School – any others? (David will reach out to Rise), 

Next U-Hills Community Meeting is June 13 at Eisenhower Rec Center, 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

  • June Meeting will be a community/neighborhood meeting

  • Deputy district attorney to speak at this meeting

  • We need a plan for publicizing the meeting – Newsletter, social media, flyers, etc.

Food Truck Events – Jun 7 & 21, July 12 & 26 Aug 9

Need board members to sign up to host. Duties include communicating with the food trucks to confirm, and getting sales data from at the end of the night. Donna will be at every event to set up the music tent and assist musicians, so she'll be able to assist once they're ready to go. All music slots are filled, and we have more powerful sound equipment this year, powered by solar panels. We can use as many board members as are able to represent the UHNA and solicit donations. Donna will make reusable signs with a suggested donation. Please wear your UHNA shirt. Who needs one? Donna needs your t-shirt size so she can make you one.

  • Action item: Sign up to host a food truck night

Movie Night Event - Sept 6

This is our biggest event of the year, so it's all hands on deck. Who will be in town for this?

Donna will take care of the band's needs, will purchase the insurance policy and arrange for an ADA compliant portapotty.

Santa at Wellshire Inn event will be Nov 30.

Denver Community Active Living Coalition (CALC) in partnership with the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) and Denver Streets Partnership (DSP) invite you to get creative about living an active life in your neighborhood! We are offering Micro-Grants of up to $500 for individuals and $1500 for businesses and organizations in support of walkability, bikeability, or access to safe and healthy spaces for physical activity. Applications open on April 19, 2024 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout 2024 or until funds are fully spent.

Individuals within the City & County of Denver may apply for up to $500, to be distributed via gift cards of the applicant’s choice or via check. Organizations or Businesses with a valid W-9 may apply for up to $1500, to be distributed via check or ACH (electronic funds transfer).

Example projects include:

●Walking, rolling, biking, or transit tours or education programs (signage, supplies, safety gear)

●Community art projects such as murals (paint, materials, artist stipend)

●Neighborhood walk/bike delivery services (bike baskets, rolling carts)

●Community clean-ups (safety gear, trash bags, supplies)

●Programming or placemaking in public spaces (chalk art, signage, outdoor activities)

New in 2024: There are funding limitations:

  • Any individual or organization can apply an unlimited number of times. Organizations will be limited to $3,000 in total dollar amount they can receive.4. Individuals will be limited to $1,000 in total dollar amount they can receive.

  • Multiple individuals and organizations can apply for funding a single event or program, but there will be a limit of $3,000 for the same event/program.

  • Please contact us if you have questions about these limits (contact information posted below)

If you’re interested in creating a Micro-Grant project in your neighborhood, you can find more information at the following link and/or attend the Coalition meeting from 6-7:30pm on May 8, 2024, at the Carla Madison Recreation Center (2401 E Colfax Ave, multi-purpose room) in person or via zoom (

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