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UHNA Board Meeting: March 7, 2022

Easter Egg Hunt will be April 9th @ Bradley

• Green Bus Café: Coffee & Food

o 9:30 to 11:00

o Park on blacktop

• Egg Hunt begins at 10AM

• Put up donation box with QR Code to paypal

• Timbuk to provide

o $1 coupons

o Giveaway toys in Golden Toys

• Eggs to fill 3,000

o Hugh to try filling some on his own

o Then need to get together

• 3 rounds

o 12months to 3 in ECE playground

o 4-6 @ primary playground

o 7 and up@ intermediate playground

• (2) Sponsors: $350

o Cody Dental – David M.

o Wish - Darryl

o Tulip - Darryl

o Corson Dentistry (ONLY IF CODY SAYS NO)

• To reuse:

o Rings, stickers, knick knacks. Emily to get us quantity of what she has

o Eggs

§ Laura and Emily to get us quantities of what she has

• Needs:

o Candy: 3,000 candy pieces (no chocolate, hard candy only)

o Golden Eggs: XX

o Golden Coins: XX

o Flyers (Need to use similar look as we have done in the past)

§ Need Easter Egg Hunt flyer. Mention bring your own yard games.

§ Need Coffee truck flyer targeting neighbors without kids. Mention bring

your own yard games.

Food Trucks – Every other Friday starting 6/3

• (1) Sponsors: $350 if sole sponsor $500?

o Pet Station

• Put up donation box with QR Code to paypal

• Need (Need to use similar look as we have done in the past)

o Flyer for every Friday night

Movie Night – August 26th @ Bradley

• No Alex Saldana support. We’ll need to gather funds to do it ourselves.

UHNA Meeting Minutes 01.28.2022

• Assumed budget: $2,500

• Discussed GoFundMe. Decided to not go that route and instead do QR code that would

go directly to our PayPal Account.

• Try to get sponsors after April 9th. If by May 30th we have sufficient sponsors we will not

ask the community for donations. Otherwise, we’ll need to.

o (4) Sponsors: $350

§ Timbuk Toys

§ Wish or Tulip

§ The other dentist?


§ Momentum

§ Bike Source

§ DQ

§ Roofing company?

o (2) Sponsors: $500

§ Chez Artiste

§ The Y

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