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UHNA Board Meeting | February 8, 2024

Prepared by: David Mindock, Assistant Secretary

In attendance: Donna Wikham, Linda Dailey, Kathy Corbitt, Amy Hopp, Amy Robinson, Kristin Arkin Lydig, Eddie Moreno, Ginny Taylor, and David Mindock

-Minutes of the January meeting were approved.

UHNA Google Drive

-Donna  Wickham showed the board members how to access this drive. She added that all new information should be put on this drive and that information about board members will be on it. 

-Kristin Arkin Lydig volunteered to be the editor of the UHNA Google Drive.

-Donna said she cannot find the dropbox.

The Easter Egg Hunt

-Donna will organize this event.

-It will be on March 30 and will start at 10 am. The eggs will be hidden at 8 am. There will be a food truck. Donna estimates the cost of the event will be about $1000. Ginny Taylor asked if children from an organization in Denver that helps children could come to this event. The board decided that they could.

Action Items for the Egg Hunt

-Donna will ask Lisa Zinn to ask permission from DPS to use Bradley School for this event, and she will take care of the insurance.

-Amy Robinson will revise our flier for this event. The communications team will publicize the event.

-Donna will ask Hugh if he will be the Easter bunny again.

-Donna will order candy from the Oriental Trading Company.

The Dates of the Food Truck Events

The dates are June 7, June 21, July 12, July 26, August 9, and August 30.

Movie Night

-Lisa sent us an email saying that movie night would be on August 23.

Santa at the Wellshire

It will be on Nov. 30.

UHNA Community Meetings for the Rest of 2024

-They will be on March 14, June 13, September 12, and December 12 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Eisenhower Rec Center. Deputy DA Bill Winter will speak at the meeting on March 14.

A Lecture on the Architectural History of University Hills

Kathy and Donna will ask the University Hills library if Kathy can give a lecture on the architectural history of the neighborhood. The lecture would probably be sometime this summer.

Bandit Signs

Eddie Moreno suggested that bandit signs be posted around the neighborhood so that people could quickly contribute to the UHNA. The board members agreed.

Kathy Taylor's Role

Donna asked Kathy what committee she would like to be on. Kathy agreed to be on the events committee.

The Budget, Fundraising, and Sponsorships

-Linda Dailey said there was $1700 in our budget now. Amy Robinson said we should start asking for sponsorships now, starting with businesses that have contributed to the UHNA in the past. 

Action Items Concerning Fundraising

-Donna and some other members said they would contact some of the small businesses in the new business strip that includes Sweetgreen and Wendy's.

-David Mindock said he would contact Pet Station and ask Timbuck Toys if they would again donate toys and coupons for the Egg Hunt.

-Kathy said she would contact the Chez Artiste theater.

The UHNA's Email List

-Donna  said there were 875 people on the list.

Sponsorship Letters

- Donna said the events committee (David, Eddie, Mike, Kristin, and Kathy) should look at the format for sponsorships. 

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