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UHNA Board Meeting | January 11, 2024

University Hills Neighborhood Association

Denver, Colorado, 80222

Prepared by: Lisa Zinn, Secretary

Attendees: Donna Wickham, Amy Robinson, Linda Dailey, Lisa Zinn, David Mindock, Emily Holben Walker, Kathy Corbett, Mike Marsico, Amy Randolph, Kristin Arkin Lydig

Meeting called to order at 6:42 pm

December 2023 U-Hills Community Meeting Minutes Recap by Donna

Emily moved to approve and David seconds the motion.

New Business

  • Establish Roles and Goals for 2024

Proposed Structure:

Donna - President, Assisted by Vice President

            Kristin - Vice President, Assisted

Lisa - Secretary and David as Assistant Secretary

Linda - Treasurer and Donna will Assist the Treasurer

Emily - Communications Chair and two committee members (Kathy & Amy H. (fliers), Eddie?)

            Amy and Amy - Motion made for Membership & Welcome Committee - 

Events Chair and two committee members - Mike and Eddie (to help at events)

  • Lisa recommended that there be specific Event Chairs for specific, individual events

  • Egg Hunt - 

  • Food Truck Nights - Laura and Lisa

  • Movie Night - Laura and Lisa

  • Santa at the Wellshire - Donna, 

  • Roles - 

  • Donna - President - 

  • Help w/structure

  • work w/elected officials

  • VP - on the same emails from city officials, etc.

  • Lisa - Secretary - Monthly meeting minutes, time keeper of meetings

  • Linda - Treasurer - 

  • Monthly reports 

  • Maintaining the spreadsheet of inbound and outbound expenses 

  • Annual tax returns

  • Communication Chair - 

  • Reach to 1000 neighbors on email list

  • Welcome Package (Amy and Amy)

  • Events Chair - Above

  • Dates for all events and meetings in 2024 

  • February 8 @ 6:30 TBD In Person or Zoom

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • President’s Report 

Action Items

  • President and VP

  • Welcome package (Amy H. made one up)

  • Both Amy’s have access to more info due to their positions in Real Estate

  • QR Code which will sign them up for UHNA Newsletter

  • Secretary and Assistant

  • Treasurer and Assistant - Get all tax info and documents from Laura Mersmann from previous years

  • Communications Team - 

  • 2-3 people that are Social Media (FB, ND) savvy, tech savvy

  • Zoning changes, info from the city, licensing updates

  • Regular newsletter (quarterly)

  • Building communication plans for every event (fliers, posters, yard signs, etc.)

  • Website updates, blog, posting of minutes

  • Recruit people (children in the neighborhood) to help distribute fliers, etc. Distribute flyers so neighbors can share directly with their own neighbors.

  • Events Team

  • Community Impact Donations - Ambassadors

  • Engagement Piece - Lead in Speech, Close out Speech

  • What our donation does - Santa, Egg Hunt

  • Mission for each

  • Transfer of files/data from Dropbox to Google Drive

  • Get everyone on the board access to the UHNA Google Drive

  • Do all UHNA business on Google (doc, calendar, sheets, etc)

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:17PM

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