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UHNA Board Meeting | April 4, 2024

In attendance: Donna, Lisa, David, Kathy, Ginny Taylor, Michael Marsico, Kristin Arkin-Leydig


Call to Order @ 6:35 PM 2nd motion made by Ginny

Approval of March Minutes - Ginny made a motion to approve and Kathy 2nd

Review of Egg Hunt - 

  • Can Someone create a Google Doc to leave in the Egg Hunt file for next year - 

  • Ginny took notes

  •  We don’t need to buy more eggs, gold coins or rope next year. We can reuse all those next year

  • Flyers from this year can be reused as they don’t have dates on them

  • Maybe a porta potty? - Big expense for a 1 hour event

  • After conversation with board decided no porta potty

  • Board members can use their homes or perhaps Emily’s? Emily's house cannot be an option because the event is too large. With 300-400 people in attendance, the event is far too large for Emily's home to accommodate.

  • No dogs! - Denver City Ordinance states “No Dogs on School Properties” 

  • Put info for “No Dogs” at the event

  • No bubble gum

  • Suggested donation worked well

  • Total Donations from Egg Hunt Event was approximately $ 800 - $ 900 (Donna w/get financial info from Linda)

  • UHNA needs to print and have fliers cut for Bradley Friday Folders

President’s report - 

  • Non-profit account with Canva

  • Donna got UHNA a free, non-profit Pro Account

  • UHNA will have the account forever and can be accessed using the UHNA email info

  • Donna will take care of doing all the fliers for a while til they can be used as templates for everything UHNA does

  • The QR code currently needs to be replaced periodically

  • Donna will research about getting a permanent QR Code

  • Update on PayPal and Venmo

  • We must 1st have a non-profit PayPal Account

  • The IRS paperwork was lost and Donna & Linda are working on getting it replaced

  • If we had the letter from the IRS we could get approved quickly

  • Donna w/check w/Linda about documentation from IRS

VP’s report - Denver INC (larger association for other neighborhoods & city agencies)

  • Kristin paid for the dues for UHNA to join and will do it as a donation to/for UHNA

  • The Mayor’s Office and other City Representatives to talk about the happenings around the city

  • Most recent meeting the following was presented

  • Representation from DPS about efforts to support migrants

  • Budget changes from the City of Denver

  • Do we want to have an additional representative available?

  • Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month (April 13th) from 9-11 AM

  • Vision Zero

  • Updates on 2024 INC Updates

  • Safer Streets

  • There are online options to be able to attend

  • Can each board member sign up for 1 meeting per year? Attend as as 2nd representative for UHNA

  • Kristin is willing to be the representative but she can’t do May 11th and June 8th. Michael said he can do a couple in the fall as they are expecting a baby around that time

  • Donna will attend May meeting

  • Donna expressed frustration of Denver INC’s website not being current

Treasurer’s Report - Linda did not attend the meeting. 

  • Egg Hunt donations totaled $1007.52

  • Balance in our account is $1,727.19 

  • Emily was reimbursed $ 340.30 from 2023 expenses

Summer Food Truck Events & Movie Night - 

  • August 30 is removed from the schedule

  • Remaining Friday Food Truck Nights @ Eisenhower are 6/7, 6/21, 7/12, 7/26 and 8/9

  • DPR Rock Wall is tentative for 6/21

  • DPR Rock Wall is confirmed for 7/26

  • PB Lessons TBD

  • Arts & Crafts and misc. kid sports & games TBD

  • Movie Night at Bradley on Friday, September 6 - 

  • Laura will put together a list of 3 movie choices for the community to vote on 

  • Laura and I both traveling a lot this summer and Laura will make sure there is a detailed prep and “day of” Check List 

  • Lisa’s friend Asi (owner of HipPops) has expanded their business and is now also booking various Food Trucks (Savory and Sweet) for communities, events, etc. He is working on booking trucks for UHNA for the dates that are still open. Lisa should have more specifics by the next meeting

  • Lisa and Laura had already scheduled a few last fall

  • Some have canceled and others have re-confirmed for this year 

  • Donna will contract music from 7 - 7:30 and will take care of scheduling musicians at Eisenhower Park and will send me the info as she has it

  • Creating a document in Google that we can all access

  • Plan for fundraising and sponsorships

  • 1:1 conversations with participants

  • Suggest donations at Food Truck Friday’s

  • Kristin suggested talking to Vendors @ UHILLS Farmer’s Market and/or buy a table there for $35

  • Talked about possibly

  • David will reach out to the YMCA about coming for movie night and providing kid activities

  • Donna will take care of getting the Porta Potty

  • Donna will take care of getting the Insurance Coverage

  • Lisa w/reach out to Mark (Puppeteer/Ventriloquist)

  • Kathy spoke w/rep from the Businesses @ Chase and they will not sponsor

Action Items - 

  • Sponsorships

  • SxSE Co-Sponsors (Denver Water, Xcel, etc) - Donna

  • Eye Dr. on CO Blvd. - Donna

  • Heyday? (by SweetGreens) - Ginny

  • The Better Mattress (Mattress Store by Office Max) - Ginny

  • Bird Call - Lisa

May 9th @ 6:30 PM Meeting - Zoom

  • Lisa and Ginny unable to attend this meeting (Kathy also unable to attend)

  • Finalizing Food Truck Friday (FTF) Plans

  • Board Representation at each FTF

  • Musician Info

  • “To Do” List (obligations/requirements of being a FTF Host)

Adjourned @ 8:00 PM

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