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UHNA Board Meeting: April 18, 2022

UHNA Board Meeting

April 18, 2022

In attendance: Laura, Lisa, Donna, Emily and Don (Lisa’s guest and boyfriend)

Laura did 2021 taxes and there is $3476.78 BEFORE Egg Hunt expenses

$434.13 for candy, stickers, egg stuffers, etc. and Hugh’s expenses.

All paperwork for the 501(c)3 is ready to go. Laura needs someone to help make phone calls in the next few weeks. Perhaps Hugh or Donna?

The “donate” button needs to be moved on the UHNA Webpage.

EggHunt Recap:

  • Get ½ sheet fliers into Bradley Purple Folders

    • Send it 2 weeks before

  • The event was off $120 from the Green Bus minimum w/coffee only

    • Next year w/food (muffins, sandwiches, etc.)

  • Bring small speakers for announcements. Would need a power cord, mics, etc. from Donna

  • Get signs (like in Southern Hills) to hang for a week or so before the event

    • Lisa suggests talking to FastSigns and see if they will do them “gratis” and then we will promote them as a sponsor

Food Trucks: Rain or Shine* (unless the truck cancels)

  • Food Truck “Host”

  • Food Truck Fliers and Movie Night Fliers

  • Approved by the Parks to post “H” Signs Thursday (day before Food Truck event)

  • Permit Updates are almost complete

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