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UHNA Board Meeting

November 9, 2021

In attendance: Emily, Lisa, Dave M., Christie, Jon

  • ADUs (3200 S Holly St, survey draft, communication and engagement plan, hear from neighbors (especially close-by neighbors)

    • This is the only request currently in University Hills

      • This resident is looking to change building form and use standards

    • The City is looking for feedback from communities

      • Not as a rental in conjunction with the primary house being a rental (not owner live in)

    • Kendra Black stated about a year ago, that ADUs are up and coming, and probably here to stay.

    • The building form must be similar to the current structure as well as height

  • Neighborhood Events (Halloween success, Turkey Trot, Santa at Wellshire, Summer Food Truck Pop-us)

    • Activities for both children and adults

  • UHNA Upcoming Board Elections and Bylaws

    • Emily is stepping down from the Presidency

    • Jon is stepping down from the VP Role

      • Happy to donate $ for projects

      • Help out where/when needed

    • Dave M. is interested in staying in the same position

    • Lisa is interested in staying in the same position and continuing on

    • Christie is wanting to continue in her role for Crime and Safety

    • Laura will likely stay on in her role as Treasurer, but she too is incredibly busy with work and is often traveling internationally regularly.

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