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UHNA Board Meeting

November 16, 2021

In attendance: Emily, Lisa, Laura, Jon, David M., Christie.

  • Roles of various Board Positions

    • Send questions that Lisa created to potentially interested people to answer and have a “Meet and Greet” with them at Emily’s (or Poppies), prior to elections on December 13th.

      • Communications Position -

        • New position or roll into Secretary role?

    • Daryl? -

    • Hugh? -

    • Elaine? -

    • Stacy? - Media Background experience

    • Christie has decided not to stay on the board, but will continue her role with DPD Crime and Safety and pushing that info to UHNA/Lisa/Communications person

    • Review and perhaps update and change Bylaws

  • ADU’s

    • Emily w/reach out to Hugh to have him present more information about the process, etc.

    • Lisa has reached out again to her architect hoping he might attend a meeting to shed some light

  • YMCA

    • Sean - wants to sit down w/members of the board to discuss plans, etc.

      • Emily doesn’t want/have time to do this, thinks the community should be a part of the discussion, not just the board

      • Suggested that we invite Sean/YMCA to come to a meeting to present info to members

  • ReZone on Evans

    • Will table this issue currently per Kendra Black for the time being

  • Christie needs $ for Wellshire and a tip

    • Laura needs to get $$ to Christie for the Santa Event

    • Gift card for Santa

    • Dave will give a check toward Candy Canes

    • Hugh, David A., and Darryl are helping a lot for the Santa Event

    • Jon will donate $200 toward the Santa Event as well

  • Christmas tree event this Sat. @ 10 AM

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