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Denver Municipal Elections, Initiative 300, Letter from UHNA Board of Directors

Neighbors and Friends, As your Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO), our primary responsibilities are to advocate for our U-Hills community, serve as a resource network, and look over the horizon on issues that can impact our neighborhood, and sometimes our entire city. We are elected, volunteer representatives of our community. We have differing viewpoints and perspectives – and we are glad for this. Indeed, differing opinions create the kind of balance that makes communities and democratic systems strong. One important item on the Denver Election Ballot is Initiative 300 / the Right to Survive Initiative. Because of its potential impact on our U-Hills parks and trails, Initiative 300 has been on our radar for some time. To learn and understand Initiative 300, we’ve listened to attorneys, we’ve listened to critics, we’ve listed to supporters, and we’ve listened to fellow citizens. After extensive review, we unanimously agree that, if passed, Initiative 300 would negatively impact U-Hills, Denver, and even the people the initiative aims to help. We encourage all members of our community to closely examine Initiative 300. Please read the entire language of the initiative (not just the simplified ballot description). And, please seek factual, unbiased information published by reputable sources in order to carefully consider the pros and cons.  We have high hopes that whatever the result, having Initiative 300 on the ballot will spark increased awareness of a dire situation we must solve. We hope and encourage our incoming city leadership to make haste in working towards solid ideas and solutions that work for all citizens.  Thank you for being engaged citizens and remember to vote by May 7, 2019. Members of the Board U-Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA)

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