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Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance were David M., Lisa, Michael, Amanda, Laura

Egg Hunt – April 8th 10 - 11 AM @ Eisenhower Park

1400 Eggs

Spent about $230 on eggs and candy

$8 for 100 ft. of pendant banner to rope off the toddler area

Board meet at the park no later than 8 AM to help place eggs around the park and playground

Amanda still has the signs from last year designating the age specific areas

Amanda has canvas banners and will bring a few with her

Amanda has a wagon and she will bring the eggs to the park that way

Mike will bring a folding table and chair for the membership table


Laura has the credit card square

Lisa will work the membership table – anyone else?!?

Andy will walk around to get donations

Board Members

Wear the UHNA picnic T-shirts

Mike will change at Amanda’s and come across the bridge as the Bunny

Mike will do 2 posts on Next Door…this week-end and following Thursday



And Amanda will post at the Rec Center

Lisa will get fliers copied tomorrow (3/22) AM and Amanda will help cut and count out for classrooms tomorrow

Lisa – Board Members need to get a photo and new/updated biographies to Andy ASAP to be put on the UHNA website in order to help w/recognition at events.

Laura – Sumac for the membership stuff. Discuss further in April after the Egg Event.

Board agreed that Laura should go ahead and purchase the necessary software.

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