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Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

University Hills Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

September 3, 2019

Board members in attendance: Emily, Lisa, Laura, Christie, David M., David A.

  • U-Hills Annual Community Meeting will be on October 2, 2019

  • Laws regarding repeat offenders. There are things happening at the state and municiple legislature levels concerning repeat crime offenders and early release PR Bonds. Christie suggested having the Denver DA come to the UHNA annual meeting on October 2, 2019. UHNA can educate the public on what is happening and what the new state legislature is doing. This is an issue that will be best to tackle as a collective community, at the city and state levels. Dave A. told George, president of Denver INC, that UHNA would like to host an upcoming meeting, perhaps a meeting in 2020.

  • High Line Canal Conservancy will present at University Hills annual meeting. Josh Phillips will attend and present future changes of the High Line Canal.

  • November Elections. Proposition CC will be on the Colorado state ballot in November. The ballot measure proposes the state keep tax dollars to fund education and transportation. We will invite pro and against presenters to the U-Hills annual meeting on October 2.

  • The Bradley International School community and UHNA are working towards improved pedestrian crosswalks near and around the school. Denver Public works has been brought into the discussion. Emily has had multiple meetings with Steve Wera, principal at Bradley. Christie will work with the Denver Police Department to expedite vehicle speed data gathering on S Dahlia St. The specific requests were: 1.) To create a dedicated pedestrian crossing/flashing beacon crosswalk on S Dahlia St; 2.) Install state law pedestrian crossing signs at Plum and S Eudora intersection; 3.) Improved signage and paint at S Elm St and Plum and S Elm St and Cornell Ave intersections. There was discussion to create a petition to help move things forward. This is very important because it's about the safety of children in our community.

  • Denver Public School Board Elections will be in November. Emily is on the Denver INC Education Committee and they are planning a candidate forum at South High School. The forum will be recorded for Denver Channel 8. Emily is also working to host something at Hamilton Middle School to increase the public's awareness and the district's awareness of challenges at our neighborhood middle school. Improvements to Hamilton Middle School will be one of the topics we will discuss with District 1 and At-large candidates.

  • The City and County of Denver sent UHNA notification that a Cell Tower will be installed at Girard and S Dahlia St. Emily will reach out to the city and AT&T to find out more information. UHNA thinks this issue needs to be clearly presented to the community before a cell tower can be installed. Emily will request the someone from the City and/or AT&T present at the annual community meeting next month.

  • New development and zoning changes coming to University Hills North neighborhood. The University Hills North community is represented by another RNO, not UHNA. But, Emily, David A. and other members of our community have been attending meetings in support of our neighbors on the north-side of E Yale Ave. Rezoning from single-family, 3-story, and 5-story zoning will be changed to 5-story, 8-story, and 12-story zoning.

  • The Cameron Motel will be demolished. The City and County of Denver sent notification to UHNA and Southside Unified that the Cameron Motel will be demolished and that there may be interest to preserve the property as an historical landmark. Emily had meetings with the developer and Historic Denver to see what could be done to save the midcentury Cameron Motel signs. Signs such as these can be incorporated in the new development to create more atmosphere and preserve the identity of our Southeast Denver part of town. Historic Denver was very helpful and recommended that the community not formally designate the signs and instead recommended the community pursue a written agreement that the signs will not be destroyed or sold without the community being forewarned and/or surveyed. Emily circulated a Survey Monkey on the topic and responders overwhelmingly supported keeping the signs. There is a written agreement between Flywheel (the developer) and CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) which states that the signs will be incorporated in the new development and that the signs will not be sold or demolished without presenting the topic to the community first.

  • Santa at Wellshire Inn will be on Saturday, November 30, 2019 from 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

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