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Board Meeting: Jan 12, 2023

UHNA Board Meeting

January 12, 2023

In attendance: Donna, Emily, Lisa, David M., Kathy, Amy, Laura

  1. Dates for UHNA board meetings - Donna w/send meeting link

  2. Feb. 16th - 7 - 8:30 pm

  3. March 9th - 7 - 8:30 pm

  4. April 20th - 7 - 8:30 pm

  5. May - TBD

  6. Denver RNO Renewal – Bylaws

  7. Donna needs to submit Bylaws to the City w/renewal

  8. Board voted on a couple of changes of wording in the Bylaws that we reworked last year

  9. UHNA email, bank accounts, passwords, etc.

  10. Emily has the email passwords saved

  11. Also in a document in Dropbox

  12. Donna, Amy & Laura will both have immediate access to UHNA Mailbox

  13. Amy will only access IF Donna is away. Then Amy w/cover

  14. Laura only deals w/tax and financial emails

  15. Banking info needs to be transferred from Emily to Donna

  16. Laura will remain on the account

  17. Update Website

  18. Emily does the website updates currently, but Silvia is the “Communications Chairperson”

  19. Emily, Hugh & Silvia will all be “communications”

  20. By-Laws, Board of Directors, Events, Sponsors, all need to be updated

  21. All previous BOD needs to take a look at their bios and update

  22. New BOD write something up to be put on the website

  23. Amy Suggested a “Current Events Page”

  24. Emily suggested using the “Blog” for “Current Events”

  25. Recruit treasurer/accountant

  26. Linda Daily who lives near Bradley has offered to help with UHNA Taxes

  27. Someone else offered to help also, who works w/or for a Collective

  28. Emily w/reach out to her. If she’s interested, Emily w/inform Donna, Amy & Laura and set up a meeting.

  29. Create an Event Calendar

  30. See above Item #4

  31. Nicholas Sheryka board of Adjustment hearing

  32. Appeal was proper and the board approved his request

  33. New Neighbor welcome basket / info packet

  34. Amy will take the lead on this

  35. UHILLS Info & Event Calendar

  36. Contact info for Xcel, Denver Water, etc

  37. School info

  38. City ordinance re shoveling and resources if not able to take care of their own

  39. Getting more people to sign up for our email list, Nextdoor

  40. See above item #8

  41. Shoveling (or lack of) Eisenhower park sidewalk and residences

  42. Refer to 311 and pocketgov

  43. Community Meet & Greet for upcoming Council Openings

  44. UHNA does NOT endorse candidates

  45. *Increase of off leash dog in the neighborhood

  46. *Increase in crime / participation in Neighborhood Watch

  47. Food Trucks

  48. David Mindock is attending a City Events Meeting on Jan. 20th @ Tivoli

*Did not cover tonight

  1. Upcoming Agenda for next Meeting

  2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

  3. Debrief from David’s meeting w/city

  4. Food Trucks

  5. Egg Hunt

  6. Eisenhower is planning an Egg Hunt, do we want to collaborate?

  7. Community Garden

  8. Donna w/do banking research

  9. Linda

  10. Graham - Dir. of Marketing @ Chik-Fil-A & sponsorship

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