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Board Meeting: Feb 16, 2023

UHNA Board Meeting

February 16, 2023

In attendance: Donna, Emily, Lisa, David M., Kathy, Amy, Linda, Laura


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

    1. Minutes Approved

  1. Debrief from David’s meeting w/city (OSE) on January 20, 2023

    1. An OSE Permit is required for every single event For each Friday Food Truck

      1. All of our Friday Truck Nights are considered a “multi day event” so we only need 1 permit for all the dates

    2. Joe Flores reviews them

    3. RNO’s are exempt from the fees

    4. An Emergency Action Plan has been submitted

  1. Food Truck Friday’s & Movie Night

    1. Kendra Black is co-sponsoring UHNA for the Friday Food Truck Events

    2. Donna will work on lining up musicians for the Friday Food Truck Events as we get closer to the various events

    3. Board members need to check their calendars and sign up to represent UHNA and welcome the trucks and/or be there at the end for closing sales and $$ numbers

    4. Gabbi from Eisenhower is willing to work with UHNA on our Friday Food Truck Nights and plan kid activities, etc.

      1. Emily w/get in touch w/Gabbi to coordinate

  1. Egg Hunt: Eisenhower is planning an Egg Hunt, do we want to collaborate w/Eisenhower?

    1. Emily sent the Eisenhower Rec Egg Hunt flier to everyone

      1. Eisenhower is scheduled for the same day we usually do our Egg Hunt

    2. Unanimously voted that UHNA Annual Egg Hunt will be on Saturday, April 8th @ Bradley

      1. Amy will be the Project Manager

        1. Once she knows what we need (from Emily), she will place the order w/Oriental Trading (Eggs, tattoos, erasers, rings, candy, gold coins, etc., that w/fit in an egg)

          1. The following is the schedule that we have used in the past. It works well.

Egg Hunt timeline

7:00-8:30 - Egg Hiding

8:30-9:30 - Put up signs and flags, set up table with donation bin and Bunnies get ready

7:30 - food truck arrives to set up

10 - toddler egg hunt at kindergarten playground (0 - 3 year olds)

10:15 - primary ages at yellow playground (4 - 7)

10:30 - bigger kids (8+)

10:45 - clean up

  • Welcome to the UHNA Egg Hunt. Little bit about UHNA.

  • limit 10 eggs per kid, we would like to ask for your help, parents, to enforce that

  • Please return eggs to labeled boxes

  • Please keep to the following age groups and times

    • 10AM - 0-3 year olds

    • 10:15 - 4-7 year old

    • 10:30 - 8+ years

  • Thank you to Timbuk Toys for the donated toys. Be on the look out for gold coins! If you have a gold coin in your egg, please bring it to the desk for your prize!

  • Enjoy some coffee and breakfast treats from Green Bus Cafe, shout out to them for joining us!

  1. I liked the Gold Coins. I think it was great last year. But will also be dependent on TT donations.

  2. Coordinate flier w/Hugh

  3. Coordinate Food truck w/Donna

  4. Coordinate w/Lisa about use of Bradley electrical and speaker system from PE Teacher

  5. Donna w/check w/Dustin (Green Bus Cafe) for the Food Truck and see if he can bring food as well this year (Gluten Free options too please)

  6. Emily w/reach out to Hugh & her neighbors to see how many eggs we have and what we need to order for the event & let Amy know

  7. Need to get additional sponsors

    1. Graham - Dir. of Marketing @ Chick-Fil-A & sponsorship

      1. Donna will reach out to him for Egg Hunt Sponsorship

    2. Amy will also sponsor the Egg Hunt

    3. Who can reach out to other area businesses?

  8. Lisa w/reach out to Timbuk Toys re Sponsorship and/or donations for Egg Hunt as in previous years

  9. Once the new bank account is opened, Donna and Linda will get a debit card for use

    1. The card is passed around to whoever needs it as we go through the year

    2. (Post meeting notes 2/20/23) Laura closed the BOTW account and gave the check to Lisa. Lisa gave the check to Donna, so she and Linda can open the account at Credit Union of Colorado

  1. Community Garden

    1. Emily is meeting w/DUG and w/share info @ next meeting

  1. Plan for moving our account to Credit Union of Colorado

    1. Laura called the Bank of the West to let them know we are closing our account

    2. Need to let CU of CO that we are a non-profit 501(c)(4)

    3. Free checking account w/ CU of CO

  1. Linda Bio – Treasurer

    1. She is an accountant, not a CPA

    2. Has worked for the State of CO for over 50 years

    3. Retired in 2009

    4. Has worked for CCD doing accounting

    5. Was voted in unanimously as Treasurer

  1. Linda - re 501(c)(3)

    1. She will do some checking and see if it’s something she can do for us or if we need a true CPA to assist

    2. Research advantages and disadvantages to 501(c)(3)

    3. Individuals can claim their donations on their CO State return

    4. Corporations could also claim their deductions

  1. Kendra wants to get the Wellshire on the National Historic Register

    1. Kathy is going to write an article about the Wellshire and we can post it to the UHNA Website

  2. Here are the links for Egg Hunt Sponsorship and Egg Hunt Donation Forms (look at the top of the form to see the title). Sponsorship and donation deadline is March 11th. Need time for Hugh to update fliers & posters, get copies made and get them distributed and hung! Both have been updated to reflect Linda’s info as UHNA Treasurer.



  1. Adjourned at 8:50 PM

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