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2018 Annual Community Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2018 6:30 PM

Location: Bradley International School Auditorium

President Mike Silverstein introduced the current Board Members

Review of University Hills Events

Neighborhood Watch

Egg Hunt

Annual Picnic/Summerfest

Food Trucks

Live Band



University Hills Neighborhood Association is not a HOA (Home Owners Association)

University Hills Neighborhood Association is a an Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO)

Emily Holben Walker

November 2018 Ballot Initiatives -

Mental Health & Addiction (A measure for children and adults)

25% sales tax funded and could raise $45 M p/year

There would be a New, Independent Board of:

Community Leaders

Denver Health Workers

Juvenile Justice System

$12 in ER vs $1 in early prevention

Mental Health Center of Denver is funded by





Megan representing Ordinance 302 - Healthy Food for Denver Kids

.08% = < .08 on every $100 of sales, but not applicable on fresh foods

Would run for 10 years and then would be up for renewal by the voters

Anticipated that it will raise $ 11.2M the 1st year

Would have a new Commission

8 Commission Members

5 local Government

It would be a specific fund

Caring 4 Denver - 301

Gabriel - Mngr for the Initiative spoke

Kathy Giles Dist. 4 representing Councilwoman Kendra Black

Coffee Talks - “Modern Death” - Fri., Oct. 12th 10:30 - 12 @ Eisenhower Rec Center

Town Hall Event 202 - Wed., Oct. 24th 6-7 PM @ TJ

Mayor Hancock

New Director of Transportation

Bike Lanes in Southmoor Mtg will be before the Town Hall Meeting from 4:30 - 5:30

Neighborhood Watch

Good Neighbors Program

Most are crimes of opportunity

Check out things on Next Door

Eisenhower Recreation Center Improvements

Parks Foundation to leverage funds to acquire new parkland, especially focussing to get a park in University Hills North neighborhood

Parks/Rec Tax Increase is on the November 2018 ballot

Yale Station Pedestrian Improvements

8’ Sidewalks from 1-25 to Dahlia on the South side of Yale Ave

Sidewalk construction will begin when Excel and other utility companies are finished burying/undergrounding the utility lines

Yale Planner - Kendra is pushing the City for one. This would be from CO Blvd. to Quebec

Go Bond - Highline Trail

To create a High Line Canal pedestrian/bike tunnel at Yale and South Holly Street. This is funded by the bond but has not been yet designed.

Melanie Colletti - Ross University Hills Library

Bond - UHILLS is mid list and would receive HVAC and a new elevator

Spanish book collection in the children’s library collection

CRO Jim Lopez w/District 3 DPD - Updates

Property Crimes, Theft from Motor Vehicles and Theft of Motor Vehicles are 40% of the time Crimes of Opportunity

There has been a 50% - 60% decrease in crimes since the Garage Door Openers were arrested approximately 3 weeks ago

There may be a type of Valet Key in car owners Vehicle Owners Manuals. It is recommended that everyone look at their Vehicle Owners Manual and check. Often, when a car is initially broken into it is to get that valet key so they can come back at another time to steal the car. That key will start a car.

6 cars were taken this way by the Garage Door Openers Group

Neighborhood Watch Meeting is Thurs., Nov. 8 @ District 3 from 6 - 7 PM

All BB Guns and Air Rifles are illegal in the city of Denver regardless of age

The Walk-a-Mile Walk through the neighborhood is up and going. If interested get in touch w/Jim Lopez.

He will share safety and decorative tips

Emily Holben Walker - U-Hills Neighborhood Visioning Project

It is important to have official neighborhood plans because it can guide future development in our area

University Hills and its residents need to create our own plan of what we want in our neighborhood - what we want to preserve and enhance

Improvements to our neighborhood school, such as a mural for Bradley’s retaining wall on Dahlia/Cornell

No more concrete deserts (like what's currently at U-Hills Plaza and Sprouts/Rite Aid shopping centers). When these areas are redeveloped, it will be important for our community to have an adopted vision and plan that can guide development to benefit our community. New development needs to include:

Fountains and gathering spaces (gathering places and walkability promote more cohesive and safer communities)

Trees and plants (which beautify and help reduce green house gas effects)

Safe sidewalks to promote more walkability and safer more dignified access to the places we need to go and public transit

As we develop our University Hills Vision, we can adopt best practices from neighborhoods around the world. Nearby, we can examine how the old Southglenn Mall has become Street of Southglenn

A new movie theatre created to look midcentury (U-Hills is a midcentury neighborhood)

Ice rink where members of the community can gather

Summer concerts where members of the community can gather in the summer

Denver Water will no longer let water through the High Line Canal

This puts trees, wildlife and other habitats at risk

Storm water will run through the canal

Rise School on Dahlia/Eastman is selling the undeveloped parcel of land on the corner

Talks are multi housing units and affordable housing

Explore - if it’s possible for it to become Open Space

Elections were held -

Emily Holben Walker was voted in as President

Jon Wachter as VP

Lisa Zinn as Secretary

Laura Mersmann as Treasurer

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