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UHNA Board Meeting: Feb 7, 2022

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

UHNA Board Meeting

February 7, 2022

In attendance: Emily, Hugh, Lisa, David M., Donna, Laura and Christie


  • Approve January 10 Minutes

  • ADU @ 3200 S Holly St

  • Proposed Changes/Updates to UHNA Bylaws

  • UHNA Meeting Calendar

  • Eisenhower Park Pickle Ball Courts Vandalized

  • Food Truck Event

  • High Line Canal Cleanup Event?

  • Egg Hunt Event?

  • Skate Park Virtual Meeting

  • U-Hills North Area Plan Community Meeting in March

  • District 3 DPD Community Advisory Board Meeting (March 1)

Approval of minutes - from the January 10th meeting. 5 people approved the minutes to be posted to the UHNA Website.

ADU - Emily has spoken w/Brandon Shaver @ Denver City Gov several times. Brandon has agreed to attend a UHNA Community Meeting specifically to neighbors within 200 feet of 3200 S. Holly St. on Thursday, Feb. 17th @ 6:30 pm. The homeowner too will be invited. Suggestion of 3 minutes for each person that wants to comment. Emily reviewed the RNO Position Form that UHNA needs to submit to the Zoning Board, Council Members and Brandon Shaver. Those that are eligible to vote on the ADU, must respond in the Chat Box w/their name and address with either a “yes”, “no”, or “abstain.” Hugh will distribute the invitation fliers for the ADU to the residences within the 200 foot radius and Emily and I will post info re the meeting on the UHNA website, NextDoor and the UHNA FB page to invite all residents to attend.

UHNA Meeting Calendar - Feb. community meeting will beADU Community Meeting on Thurs., Feb., 17th.

Proposed Changes/Updates to Bylaws - Emily will put the Bylaws in a Google Doc for Board Members to review. Hugh has been looking at neighboring RNO’s for comparison. David, Emily and Donna agreed to review some of the bylaws as well.

Eisenhower Pickle Ball Courts - Nets have been vandalized yet again. There is a particular neighbor that is angry about everything Pickle Ball to Kendra Black, Denver Parks Personnel, and players.

Highline Canal Clean Up - Delay to late summer or early fall. Too much snow in the spring. Jon will spearhead this at a later date.

Egg Hunt - Laura and Emily have boxes of stored eggs. Designating the ECE/Kinder playground for the littles and the big playground for the bigger kids. Also have adult games like Cornhole, other yard games, etc. for the adults. Laura recommends not keeping the eggs from year to year. Storage is an issue. Hugh will investigate if there is an alternative to using plastic eggs. Perhaps doing the event on Saturday, April 9th. Perhaps a coffee truck and the waffle truck or other breakfast food truck as well. Laura will check with Girls, Inc. re their coffee truck. Hugh will build some Corn Hole games and paint them UHNA colors. Hugh can also make some bean bags as he sews!!

Skate Park Meeting - Thursday, February 24th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

UHILLS North Meeting - Include them on invite for Egg Hunt and activities.

District 3 Items - Christie will continue to send info to Emily and Lisa to post on UHNA website and FB page.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:09 PM

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