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Neighborhood Paper Egg Hunt

Dear Neighbors, With COVID-19 cancelling the annual U-Hills neighborhood egg hunt, we wanted to follow suit with what those around us are doing and think outside the box to continue the neighborhood fun! We hope with this activity families can still enjoy a form of egg hunt this weekend! How to participate:

  1. Make eggs out of construction paper and/or use this template:

  2. Decorate your egg! Color it, paint it, use stickers, get creative!

  3. Cut out the egg(s).

  4. Post your egg(s) somewhere visible from the sidewalk. You can post in places like your window(s) and/or your front door. Please put up as soon as possible so the egg hunt can happen this Saturday and Sunday (April 11th and 12th).

  5. Share the egg hunt fun with friends!

  6. Hunt for eggs! Go on a walk around the neighborhood and see how many eggs you can find!

We hope everyone can join us! In this fun way, we can still celebrate the annual neighborhood egg hunt! Stay safe everyone! University Hills Neighborhood Association

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