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Board Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2018

In attendance: Lisa, Mike, David M, Christie, Emily, Daryl, Dave F., Laura, Barb from UHILLS

Modern Dentistry,

Egg Hunt @ Bradley on 3 different playground on Saturday, March 24 @ 10 AM

Volunteers needs to place eggs by 9 AM

Sponsors include Bradley, Iliff Preschool, UHILLS Modern Dentistry ($250), Eisenhower Rec Center

The ECE Playground will be for the toddlers

The Primary & Intermediate Playground for ages 4+

Stagger the start times 10 AM for Toddlers

East Bunny in between

5+ at 10:20 or 10:30

Jon Wachter was nominated to be the Easter Bunny. Dave F. will be the backup bunny and Daryl the back up to the back up.

We currently have approximately 600 eggs currently. Last year we gave out over 2000 eggs.

Emily will order eggs, candy, stickers, etc.

Egg stuffing on Tuesday, March 20th @ 7 PM @ Mike’s house

Wine Tasting @ Keg  on Wednesday, April 18th 7 – 8:30 PM


Approximately 5-6 families have paid in 2018

No more memberships – “Donations”

Annual Donations to help support UHNA

Corporate Sponsors for each event

$100 to be on the UHNA site

$250 to be an event sponsor (4 major events)

Survey Monkey Link to export into an Excel Spreadsheet

Rework the Mission and Vision Statement

Have it written that we are NOT an HOA, but we are an RNO

Truly become a community entity

Misc. community places (Bradley, Rise, TJ, etc.) can apply to UHNA for misc funds IF we re able to solidify funding from various businesses to support such endeavors

Website Update Info

Try to get everything on to one platform either Wix, or WordPress

Mobile experience has been fixed

Monthly short newsletter

Focus on Kendra’s newsletter

City news and updates

Neighborhood important events, etc.

Farmer’s Market opening in UHILLS Plaza

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