Who we are and what we do
First off, the University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) is NOT an HOA (home owners association). We are an RNO (registered neighborhood association). So?... what on earth does that mean? Glad you asked!... 
In the City and County of Denver, RNOs are groups formed by residents and property owners within an identified boundary who meet regularly and whose organizational and contact information is kept on file with the City's Community Planning and Development Department. 
RNOs receive notification of proposed zoning amendments, landmark designation applications, planning board and board of adjustment hearings, liquor and cabaret licenses, and other activities occurring in the neighborhood as stipulated in the ordinance. 
But we don't stop there!
There are a lot of important things going on in our U-Hills community. But, a community is not a community without PEOPLE. It's important for us to know each other. Study after study shows that communities where people know each other are safer and overall quality of life is better. That's why neighborhood events are a big part of what we do, like the annual U-Hills Summerfest, Santa at the Wellshire Inn, and our annual Egg Hunt.
Make Sure You're a Registered UHNA Member
Membership of the University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) is FREE and open to all residents and property owners. As a member of the University Hills Neighborhood Association, you'll be invited to our meetings and celebrations. You'll also receive important neighborhood notifications. Registered U-Hills Neighborhood Association members are also eligible to vote in the annual board member elections (see below).

Volunteer with us
All members and board positions are volunteers. We'd love to have your ideas, input, and help. It will make our community stronger.

Annual Elections

One Member representative from each household of the University Hills Neighborhood Association is eligible to vote in association elections. Members are notified of annual association elections via email. (You must be a REGISTERED member of the University Hills Neighborhood Association to receive email notifications.) 

About the University Hills Neighborhood Association